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MOSES GROSS, President and CEO

Mr. Gross is the dynamic team leader of a solidly successful commercial and residential real estate development and syndicate management firm. As an exceptionally talented investor, Mr. Gross researches potential markets to identify demands and trends, analyzes growth possibilities, and combines his firm commitment and excellent rapport of his associates and clientele for continued optimum success. With over ten years of specialty real estate experience, prior of which he competently advised various significant corporate companies on investment and fiscal strategy and administration, Mr. Gross has consistently and expertly promoted the closing of over eighty various-use investment closings. His ability to recognize and accurately distinguish strategic environments, aggressively launch and achieve results, enthusiastic, charismatic and dependable personality and continuously successful performance record have established Mr. Gross as a vibrant fundamental power any business shall definitely benefit from. 
ANM Group is a real estate investment and development firm founded in 1999 by Moses Gross. It is a full service, integrated real estate firm based in Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Gross is the owner, manager and developer of residential and commercial properties throughout the New York City Metropolitan area. For over 10 years, ANM has invested in and developed over $200 million in real estate.  
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MOSES BABAD, Asset Management

Moses oversees management of the firm’s portfolio and is involved in the identification, evaluation, marketing and financing of new investment opportunities.

Prior to joining ANM Group, Moses was senior Managing Director of various Real Estate portfolios for 10 years including real estate, mezzanine financing, mergers and acquisitions including deal and financing components, joint ventures. 

SARAH ROOKS, President | Watermark Center 

As Watermark Center and Lofts Project Manager, Ms. Rooks is responsible for developing and communicating the vision and strategy through branding, positioning, advertising, all media relations and associated tasks. She also heads up operations for Watermark, is President of the Watermark Condo Association, and represents the developer on site. She works as a liaison between the various contractors, the City of Muskegon, developers, architects, tenants and the public as well as the representative for the condominium owners. She is responsible for the security of the 1,000,000-square foot property, the operational budget, and staff and facility management.
Ms. Rooks is also a licensed real estate agent and works with ANM Real Estate LLC on the sale of the Watermark Condominiums. She began her career at age 19 as a Customer Service Representative for the Muskegon Mall while attending Grand Valley State University. The Muskegon Mall was a regional shopping center comprised of 13 different buildings, more than 40 stores and an eight-story office building. Over her ten year tenure, she was promoted from Customer Service Representative to Marketing 38 Assistant, Event Coordinator, Marketing Director, and finally General Manager. Various tasks in these positions included producing, marketing and coordinating more than 100 community and regional events each year to managing the 26 acre property, a staff of 27, and overseeing the daily operations of the mall. She also handled all media relations for the center, marketing, and facilitated annual marketing budgets. 
Other positions Ms. Rooks has held include Marketing Manager for the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts and Marketing Consultant to the Muskegon Air Fair. She has also garnered a strong record of community support and leadership as the chairperson of such organization as Muskegon Summer Celebration Public Relations, Muskegon Air Fair Kids Hangar, and Muskegon Summer Celebration VIP Chalet.

YOSSI OREN, Project Manager | Landhouse Millicent Group 

As Landhouse Millicent Project Manager, Mr. Oren is responsible for developing and strategy through branding, and positioning. He works as a liaison between the various contractors, the City of Buffalo, developers, architects, tenants. He is responsible for the security of the 225,000-square foot of residential buildings and the entire property, the operational budget, and staff and facility management.

Avduli Hakanjin, Executive Director | MG Builders Corp. 

Mr. Hakanjin is a skilled project development and management executive, if you want a design/build project done right and done on time, Mr. Hakanjin of MG Builders General Contracting Services is the man who will do the job. Mr. Hakanjin has been orchestrating projects by initiating, planning, managing, and seeing them through to completion all his life.