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Asset Management
ANM offers the following Asset Management Services:

       •Asset Financial Analysis
       •Owner/Tenant Relations
       •Investment Advisory Services
       •Asset Repositioning/Marketing
       •Market Analysis/Studies
ANM provides facilities management and financial overview services that work jointly with our property management division or other 3rd party managers. ANM provides expert advice in determining the strategic direction of assets based on our strengths in acquisitions, financings, operations and valuations. Our dedicated professionals produce results by creating customized solutions that maximize the value of each individual real estate investment. We have a strong record of creating innovative acquisition structures to capture opportunities we have identified across the capital markets.
ANM offers a complete selection of property appreciation services that can help maximize the value of your asset. By taking one step past traditional management and best aligning ANM’s interests with that of the owners, ANM will allow you to realize the greatest potential value for your asset. In addition to improving your assets value, ANM’s extensive network and experience allow us, if necessary, to promote buildings to the greatest number of qualified buyers, as well as create innovative acquisition structures to capture the best opportunities for transfers. 

ANM's Appreciation services include:

    •Analysis of the Assets Highest & Best-Use
    •Development of an Appreciation Property Plan
    •Regular maintenance of the Physical Asset
    •Management of all Capital Improvements to Reposition and Improve the Asset
    •Development of a Recapitalization Plan or Exit Strategy in order to Realize Appreciation