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Construction Services
ANM Group offers the following construction services:
We maintain working relationships with an expansive list of approved vendors to make sure every component of a project is handled with the right level of expertise. Due to our volume of construction work, we are able to offer a more economic solution than most outside providers. Please contact us and know how our construction services team can help manage your facility improvements.
ANM’s internal construction department under the brand of MG Builders Inc. is positioned to manage any level of building improvements, building completion and provide expert analysis on building expansion or contraction. Whether you are an existing customer that needs to alter space, or a new customer requiring facility improvements, we will work within a budget and timeline for all necessary upgrades. 
•Construction-related due diligence/budgeting 
•Property rehabilitation/market repositioning
•Tenant improvement planning/implementation
•Bid analysis/contract preparation
•Permit document preparation/administration 
•Job purchasing 
•Construction monitoring/inspections
•Job accounting