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Property Management
Led by a seasoned group of professionals, ANM has over 15 years of real estate management experience and is a leader in property management of commercial property throughout the United States. 
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At ANM, we believe that effective property management is the key component for any successful real estate investment. Our operational knowledge, state-of-the-art software and teamwork are the foundations that enable us to deliver market-leading asset performance. We manage every property from an ownership perspective, implementing an individualized, proactive and strategic approach to achieving your goals, ensuring that assets are aggressively and actively managed. Through an experienced team of professionals with varied expertise, ANM offers clients the vast knowledge required to effectively manage real estate assets.
ANM offers a full range of services including:

•Property Maintenance - Each property is analyzed and a specific daily routine manual is created
•Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Monitoring
•Marketing and Sales/Leasing
•Financial – Collection, Accounting, Bill Paying, and Financial Reporting
•Management, Consulting and Project Supervision
•Compliance Monitoring
•Assessment of Property Needs and Costing for Repairs and Projects
•Capital Improvement Development and Implementation
•Energy Conservation Analysis and Implementation